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David Lowther of Mesachie Lake, B.C. writes: Please tell me it isn’t true: a Regina police officer posing as a panhandler who gave a ticket to the man who undid his seat belt so he could pass the offi.

Sooke / s u k / is a district municipality situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada.About 38 kilometres by road from the city of Victoria (the capital of British Columbia), Sooke is considered the westernmost of the Greater Victoria region’s "Western Communities."It is situated to the north and west of the Sooke Basin

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Your letters for Monday, April 23 – Re: “Honouring Suzuki a slap in the face to most Albertans,” Chris Nelson, Opinion, April 16. As an undergraduate of the University of Alberta and a graduate in veterinary medicine from the University.

Kildonan population The Hagopians moved Anthony to a similar school, the Kildonan School in Dutchess County . The Monroe-Woodbury district has a growing student population, many from the New york city area. If their ki.Bella Bella weather Considering the breezy weather this weekend dipped down into the 50s, we have to say, birthday or no, we’d take Gigi’s jewel-laden denim over Bella’s chilly metal two-piece any day.

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Population of Nakusp Trout Lake is an old silver mining town that dates to 1890, and was part of a massive boom in silver, gold, lead, and zinc mining. trout lake City’s heyday ran from around 1897 to 1907, when the population exceeded 1,000 souls. The town site was full of silver prospectors, and

Your letters for Monday, April 23 – Viva la Colombie Britannique libre! david lowther, Mesachie Lake, B.C. Re: “Lawyer fears protesters face cookie-cutter justice,” April 19. It seems the lawyers representing protesters who are attemp.

The exposed waters of Vancouver Island’s southwestern coast quickly dispel any notion that an ocean is an ocean is an ocean. The true personality of the Pacific is revealed as you traverse the slopes of San Juan Ridge as the Strait of Juan de Fuca makes its entrance from the open water of the Pacific.